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Since the early 90s, her influences and experience are in Buddhism, Transpersonal Psychology, Vibrational Healing, Mediumship, dream analysis, and a 30 year practice with meditation and tarot. She has attended countless courses and workshops in consciousness awareness including, 'Psychology of Vision', 'A Course in Miracles', and 'Zen Enlightenment Intensive'. She has facilitated under Marianne Williamson, John Bradshaw, Dan Millman and was personally trained

for three years under British Mediums Owen Potts and Ines Nicolson, and with The College of Psychic Studies, in London. Tara's education also included Brooks Oxford, National College of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and The Accupressure Institute in Berkeley. 

Tara's combined application of practical, psychological and intuition allows for working within the Corporate sector and for those interested in self development. She has worked with thousands of individuals and businesses, including Oracle, Macromedia, Macys, Wells Fargo, and The Kimpton Group, where she was their in-house reader for Hotel Monaco and Hotel Serrano, for over 8 years.

Tara leads and teaches Psychic Development and Meditation and Visualization classes. She teaches both group and individual and leads a monthly guided meditation and visualization, based upon the year's Celtic Calendar. On Zoom monthly tarot and archetype classes with guided meditation. She teaches processes of letting go and forgiveness, and has lectured on Numerology, Tarot, Archetypes and Metaphysical spiritual principals and ascribes to Celtic Mysticism.

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