Tara is originally from London, England and moved to California in 2000 and started her company Hermes Consultancy whose service combines therapeutic techniques of: exploring subconscious motivations, cognitive processes, and clairvoyance. She has been an intuitive counsellor since 1995, and a psychic reader since 1987 and is a professionally qualified Psychotherapist with a background in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, for the use of stress management, confidence building, systematic de-sensitization, and relaxation techniques. She is also trained in Interactive Counselling, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a certified Practitioner of Reiki (level 2), and a CMT in Advanced Acupressure, specializing in emotional balancing and a certified Realm reader. She is an experienced public speaker and lecturer, workshop leader and a regular Meditation teacher. Tara considers herself to be spiritual rather than religious and follows the way of love, compassion and truth as her guiding path. She is officially ordained as a Minister and has the right to perform rituals, weddings and ceremonies that are catered to your personal and spiritual requirements. Tara has a long standing meditation and yoga practise since 1991.