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Tara Beckerley is one of the most intuitive and insightful business and personal consultants I have ever worked with. She identifies with issues extremely quickly and clearly understands their interaction in a way that yields sound advice, direction and guidance. Many times she has seen a course of action which I previously had not and assisted me in going down that path to great success. In our 3 years work, she has NEVER given me poor advice or instructed me to take a path which ended badly. In all of her work she gently prods and guides you to personal growth and boundary stretching, many times in ways which previously I had avoided addressing, which is the most important guidance of all. Trey McClure, Virginia. Vice President of Loperex.

Tara offers the unique combination of being a trained therapist as well as a gifted psychic and she can quickly pinpoint the key issues and offer practical advice, wisdom and consultation for any area of your life. I went to her when I was dealing with a difficult family situation and the information she shared with me helped make a tough decision easier. Her reading of the people involved was so accurate that I trusted her insight. After talking with her I knew what I had to do and that it would all work out for the better and it did. She has a gift for helping people deal effectively with whatever is blocking them from success. Tracey Chew. San Jose, California.

Balance and integrity are the two prominent elements that Tara brings to her work. Kindness and a 360 perspective, new way to approach specific aspects in life, from time to picking a bouquet from a symphony of flowers, Tara is able to hone in on which ones might be helpful to acquaint ourselves with in the moment.

L.P Owner of Angelic Aromas, LA. California.

"Tara brings a unique blend of wisdom, creativity, and intellect to her work as an intuitive guide and councilor. Her background in psychotherapy, as well as her intuitive talent provides a solid framework in which to explore emotional, relational and spiritual concerns on a deep and profound level. I consider Tara to be one of my greatest teachers, encouraging and supporting my growth in a loving and compassionate way. As a person and a professional, she is a rare treasure." Jane Tanner Counsellor. Walnut Creek, California.

I am fortunate to have worked with Tara Beckerley, she has been an essential part of my growth in my personal and professional life and has helped me embrace who I am on a emotional and spiritual level. She has perspective when I am not able to see clearly, gentle guidance and unconditional support. Tara offers a unique blend of counseling to those who interact with her. She has an amazing way of communicating with her clients. Her positive approach to healing is diverse and powerful. Having referred several of my dearest friends and family to Tara, I continue to witness the transformative healing she provides. Throughout our work together, Tara has often referred to me as an angel, but really, she is the true angel. I am forever grateful for her presence in my life and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking support and healing. Erin Raines, Interior Designer, New York.

Tara is my first resource whenever I have an irresolvable problem. Initially she was my primary support person through my unexpected divorce. Now, six years later, I like to do updates with her once or twice a year. Her advice is always valuable. It is pragmatic, insightful, caring and full of integrity. I feel like she is a secret ingredient that I access to help me maintain beauty, joy and happiness in my life. Kate Porter, Writer/Artist. Vancouver, Canada.

Sessions with Tara are treasured moments in my life. It is a great gift to have someone care deeply and listen so very well. I love that the phone does not have a feeling of separation. Tara's heart is pure and her kindness and compassion keep the intimate sharing in a safe and sacred realm. Her insights and intuition have assisted me to gain clarity on very important decisions, directions and choices. She is able to guide the process with focus and help elicit my inner wisdom so that the experience is empowering. The self discovery is joyful-magical and hopeful, even in the midst of painful revelations. I love Tara - she is a rare jewel. Aloha Maryann,Owner of Hana Nai. Hawaii.

I've worked with many intuitives in my journey, and I am one myself. I go to Tara when I need to connect with higher sources of goodness and a stronger faith. She has done the soul work and she has the depth of devotion I feel is central to a reading of the highest good. Many can read your images, the story around you - few can bridge to the Divine as Tara. Her readings are soul poetry. I cherish her assistance in my life. Montrese Etienne, Owner of Wildtender Ranch, Pacifica, California.

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