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2022 A series of classes offered on zoom, for beginners and advanced alike, to do a single one or annual series.  2022 offers Psychic Development through the journey of Minor Arcana of Tarot. Each month we explore the number corresponding to the month and its subsequent significant meaning in symbolism, numerology and astrology together with a guided meditation. $33/£30 for each class, $396/£375 for 12 hours encompasses the whole 12 month cycle. Offered as individual or 12 hours of classes. Payable venmo @Tara-Beckerley or paypal

January       One cards        Exploring your element and manifestation       July          Seven cards           Mediumship, clairaudience
Febuary       Two cards        Meeting your spirit guide                                      August         Eight cards        Astral Projection clairvoyance
March          Three cards     Crystal healing                                                          September    Nine cards        Claircognizance, inner knowing
April             Four cards       Connecting with the Earth, clairsentience         October         Ten cards           Archangels and Ascended Masters
May              Five cards        Animal guide and totem                                         November     Pages cards       Incarnation and pre-birth
June             Six cards          Vibrational alignment Summer Solstice             December     High Priestess   Seer and oracle Winter Solstice

2021 offers for sale recordings and transcript of classes that explored the journey of Archetypes as seen through the journey of the Major Arcana in Tarot and understand the significance of spiritual stages and transitions in our life and incorporating symbolism and mythology. For beginnings and advanced alike, each class can be used individually or collectively together with a guided meditation. $33/£30 for each class, $396/£375 for 12 hours encompassing the Celtic calendar.

January      The Fool                                                 July                   The Chariot and Tower.

February    Magician and High Priestess             August             Devil and Strength

March         Empress and Emperor                        September     Temperance and Justice

April            Heirophant and Hermit                      October           Hanged Man and Death

May              The Lovers and Star                            November       Judgement and Wheel of Fortune

June             Sun and Moon                                      December       The World

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