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Sessions include:

1.  Intuitive Readings/ teaching Tarot

2.  Self Development

3.  Meditation/guided and visualizations

4.  Life Coach

5.  Hypnotherapy

6.  Cognitive re-framing

7.  Systematic Desensitization

8.  Past Life Regression

9.  Metaphysical teachings

10. Dream analysis


These modalities are designed to heal the mind, body and spirit and enable couples, individuals and businesses. Tara promotes autonomy and unlike other therapy and coaching, she encourages the client to choose one or combine and how little or often they require her services. Intuition is not based upon client proximity, phone or zoom/online options. Couple sessions are a sliding scale from $170 to $270, with individuals per hour of $125 to $175  or the equivalent in pound sterling. First time appointments are payable in advance and there is a 24 hour cancellation fee policy. Paypal or Venmo.

To book an appointment: either in person, phone or online  USA/International/ UK   Email


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